Harmonized System Codes and Descriptions
01Live AnimalsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-01Global Importers of Ch-01
Global Export Shipments of Ch-01Global Exporters of Ch-01
02Meat And Edible Meat OffalGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-02Global Importers of Ch-02
Global Export Shipments of Ch-02Global Exporters of Ch-02
03Fish And Crustaceans, Molluscs And Other Aquatic InvertebratesGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-03Global Importers of Ch-03
Global Export Shipments of Ch-03Global Exporters of Ch-03
04Dairy Produce; Birds' Eggs; Natural Honey; Edible Products Of Animal Origin, Not Elsewhere Specified Or IncludedGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-04Global Importers of Ch-04
Global Export Shipments of Ch-04Global Exporters of Ch-04
05Products Of Animal Origin, Not Elsewhere Specified Or Included.Global Import Shipments of Ch-05Global Importers of Ch-05
Global Export Shipments of Ch-05Global Exporters of Ch-05
06Live Trees And Other Plants; Bulbs, Roots And The Like; Cut Flowers And Ornamental FoliageGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-06Global Importers of Ch-06
Global Export Shipments of Ch-06Global Exporters of Ch-06
07Edible Vegetables And Certain Roots And TubersGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-07Global Importers of Ch-07
Global Export Shipments of Ch-07Global Exporters of Ch-07
08Edible Fruit And Nuts; Peel Of Citrus Fruits Or MelonsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-08Global Importers of Ch-08
Global Export Shipments of Ch-08Global Exporters of Ch-08
09Coffee, Tea, Mate And SpicesGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-09Global Importers of Ch-09
Global Export Shipments of Ch-09Global Exporters of Ch-09
10CerealsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-10Global Importers of Ch-10
Global Export Shipments of Ch-10Global Exporters of Ch-10
11Products Of The Milling Industry; Malt; Starches; Inulin; Wheat Gluten.Global Import Shipments of Ch-11Global Importers of Ch-11
Global Export Shipments of Ch-11Global Exporters of Ch-11
12Oil Seeds And Oleaginous Fruits; Miscellaneous Grains, Seeds And Fruit; Industrial Or Medicinal Plants; Straw And Fodder.Global Import Shipments of Ch-12Global Importers of Ch-12
Global Export Shipments of Ch-12Global Exporters of Ch-12
13Lac; Gums, Resins And Other Vegetable Saps And Extracts.Global Import Shipments of Ch-13Global Importers of Ch-13
Global Export Shipments of Ch-13Global Exporters of Ch-13
14Vegetable Plaiting Materials; Vegetable Products Not Elsewhere Specified Or Included.Global Import Shipments of Ch-14Global Importers of Ch-14
Global Export Shipments of Ch-14Global Exporters of Ch-14
15Animal Or Vegetable Fats And Oil And Their Cleavage Products; Prepared Edible Fats; Animal Or Vegetable WaxesGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-15Global Importers of Ch-15
Global Export Shipments of Ch-15Global Exporters of Ch-15
16Preparation Of Meat, Of Fish Or Of Crustaceans, Molluscs Or Other Aquatic InvertebratesGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-16Global Importers of Ch-16
Global Export Shipments of Ch-16Global Exporters of Ch-16
17Sugars And Sugar ConfectioneryGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-17Global Importers of Ch-17
Global Export Shipments of Ch-17Global Exporters of Ch-17
18Cocoa And Cocoa PreparationsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-18Global Importers of Ch-18
Global Export Shipments of Ch-18Global Exporters of Ch-18
19Preparations Of Cereals, Flour, Starch Or Milk; Pastrycooks' ProductsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-19Global Importers of Ch-19
Global Export Shipments of Ch-19Global Exporters of Ch-19
20Preparations Of Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts Or Other Parts Of PlantsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-20Global Importers of Ch-20
Global Export Shipments of Ch-20Global Exporters of Ch-20
21Miscellaneous Edible PreparationsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-21Global Importers of Ch-21
Global Export Shipments of Ch-21Global Exporters of Ch-21
22Beverages, Spirits And VinegarGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-22Global Importers of Ch-22
Global Export Shipments of Ch-22Global Exporters of Ch-22
23Residues And Waste From The Food Industries; Prepared Animal FodderGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-23Global Importers of Ch-23
Global Export Shipments of Ch-23Global Exporters of Ch-23
24Tobacco And Manufactured Tobacco SubstitutesGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-24Global Importers of Ch-24
Global Export Shipments of Ch-24Global Exporters of Ch-24
25Salt; Sulphur, Earths And Stones; Plastering Materials, Lime And CementGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-25Global Importers of Ch-25
Global Export Shipments of Ch-25Global Exporters of Ch-25
26Ores, Slag And AshGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-26Global Importers of Ch-26
Global Export Shipments of Ch-26Global Exporters of Ch-26
27Mineral Fuels, Mineral Oils And Products Of Their Distillation; Bituminous Substances; Mineral WaxesGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-27Global Importers of Ch-27
Global Export Shipments of Ch-27Global Exporters of Ch-27
28Inorganic Chemicals; Organic Or Inorganic Compounds Of Precious Metals, Of Rare-Earth Metals, Of Radioactive Elements Or Of; IsotopesGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-28Global Importers of Ch-28
Global Export Shipments of Ch-28Global Exporters of Ch-28
29Organic ChemicalsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-29Global Importers of Ch-29
Global Export Shipments of Ch-29Global Exporters of Ch-29
30Pharmaceutical ProductsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-30Global Importers of Ch-30
Global Export Shipments of Ch-30Global Exporters of Ch-30
31FertilisersGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-31Global Importers of Ch-31
Global Export Shipments of Ch-31Global Exporters of Ch-31
32Tanning Or Dyeing Extracts; Tannins And Their Derivatives; Dyes, Pigments And Other Colouring Matter, Paints And Varnishes; Putty And Other Mastics; Inks.Global Import Shipments of Ch-32Global Importers of Ch-32
Global Export Shipments of Ch-32Global Exporters of Ch-32
33Essential Oils And Resinoids; Perfumery, Cosmetic Or Toilet PreparationsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-33Global Importers of Ch-33
Global Export Shipments of Ch-33Global Exporters of Ch-33
34Soap, Organic Surface-Active Agents, Washing Preparations, Lubricating Preparations, Artificial Waxes, Prepared Waxes, Polishing Or Scouring Preparations, Candles And Similar Articles, Modelling Pastes, "Dental Waxes" And Dental Preparations With A Basis Of PlasterGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-34Global Importers of Ch-34
Global Export Shipments of Ch-34Global Exporters of Ch-34
35Albuminoidal Substances; Modified Starches; Glues; EnzymesGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-35Global Importers of Ch-35
Global Export Shipments of Ch-35Global Exporters of Ch-35
36Explosives; Pyrotechnic Products; Matches; Pyrophoric Alloys; Certain Combustible Preparations.Global Import Shipments of Ch-36Global Importers of Ch-36
Global Export Shipments of Ch-36Global Exporters of Ch-36
37Photographic Or Cinematographic GoodsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-37Global Importers of Ch-37
Global Export Shipments of Ch-37Global Exporters of Ch-37
38Miscellaneous Chemical ProductsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-38Global Importers of Ch-38
Global Export Shipments of Ch-38Global Exporters of Ch-38
39Plastics And Articles ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-39Global Importers of Ch-39
Global Export Shipments of Ch-39Global Exporters of Ch-39
40Rubber And Articles ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-40Global Importers of Ch-40
Global Export Shipments of Ch-40Global Exporters of Ch-40
41Raw Hides And Skins (Other Than Furskins) And LeatherGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-41Global Importers of Ch-41
Global Export Shipments of Ch-41Global Exporters of Ch-41
42Articles Of Leather; Saddlery And Harness; Travel Goods, Handbags And Similar Containers; Articles Of Animal Gut (Other Than Silk-Worm Gut)Global Import Shipments of Ch-42Global Importers of Ch-42
Global Export Shipments of Ch-42Global Exporters of Ch-42
43Furskins And Artificial Fur, Manufactures ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-43Global Importers of Ch-43
Global Export Shipments of Ch-43Global Exporters of Ch-43
44Wood And Articles Of Wood; Wood CharcoalGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-44Global Importers of Ch-44
Global Export Shipments of Ch-44Global Exporters of Ch-44
45Cork And Articles Of CorkGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-45Global Importers of Ch-45
Global Export Shipments of Ch-45Global Exporters of Ch-45
46Manufactures Of Straw, Of Esparto Or Of Other Plaiting Materials; Basketware And Wickerwork.Global Import Shipments of Ch-46Global Importers of Ch-46
Global Export Shipments of Ch-46Global Exporters of Ch-46
47Pulp Of Wood Or Of Other Fibrous Cellulosic Material; Recovered (Waste And Scrap) Paper Or Paperboard.Global Import Shipments of Ch-47Global Importers of Ch-47
Global Export Shipments of Ch-47Global Exporters of Ch-47
48Paper And Paperboard; Articles Of Paper Pulp, Of Paper Or Of Paperboard.Global Import Shipments of Ch-48Global Importers of Ch-48
Global Export Shipments of Ch-48Global Exporters of Ch-48
49Printed Books, Newspapers, Pictures And Other Products Of The Printing Industry; Manuscripts, Typescripts And Plans.Global Import Shipments of Ch-49Global Importers of Ch-49
Global Export Shipments of Ch-49Global Exporters of Ch-49
50SilkGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-50Global Importers of Ch-50
Global Export Shipments of Ch-50Global Exporters of Ch-50
51Wool, Fine Or Coarse Animal Hair; Horse Hair Yarn And Woven FabricGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-51Global Importers of Ch-51
Global Export Shipments of Ch-51Global Exporters of Ch-51
52CottonGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-52Global Importers of Ch-52
Global Export Shipments of Ch-52Global Exporters of Ch-52
53Other Vegetable Textile Fibres; Paper Yarn And Woven Fabrics Of Paper YarnGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-53Global Importers of Ch-53
Global Export Shipments of Ch-53Global Exporters of Ch-53
54Man-Made FilamentsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-54Global Importers of Ch-54
Global Export Shipments of Ch-54Global Exporters of Ch-54
55Man-Made Staple FibresGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-55Global Importers of Ch-55
Global Export Shipments of Ch-55Global Exporters of Ch-55
56Wadding, Felt And Nonwovens; Special Yarns; Twine, Cordage, Ropes And Cables And Articles ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-56Global Importers of Ch-56
Global Export Shipments of Ch-56Global Exporters of Ch-56
57Carpets And Other Textile Floor CoveringsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-57Global Importers of Ch-57
Global Export Shipments of Ch-57Global Exporters of Ch-57
58Special Woven Fabrics; Tufted Textile Fabrics; Lace; Tapestries; Trimmings; EmbroideryGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-58Global Importers of Ch-58
Global Export Shipments of Ch-58Global Exporters of Ch-58
59Impregnated, Coated, Covered Or Laminated Textile Fabrics; Textile Articles Of A Kind Suitable For Industrial Use.Global Import Shipments of Ch-59Global Importers of Ch-59
Global Export Shipments of Ch-59Global Exporters of Ch-59
60Knitted Or Crocheted FabricsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-60Global Importers of Ch-60
Global Export Shipments of Ch-60Global Exporters of Ch-60
61Articles Of Apparel And Clothing Accessories Knitted Or CrochetedGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-61Global Importers of Ch-61
Global Export Shipments of Ch-61Global Exporters of Ch-61
62Articles Of Apparel And Clothing Accessories, Not Knitted Or CrochetedGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-62Global Importers of Ch-62
Global Export Shipments of Ch-62Global Exporters of Ch-62
63Other Made Up Textile Articles; Sets; Worn Clothing And Worn Textile Articles; RagsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-63Global Importers of Ch-63
Global Export Shipments of Ch-63Global Exporters of Ch-63
64Footwear, Gaiters And The Like; Parts Of Such ArticlesGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-64Global Importers of Ch-64
Global Export Shipments of Ch-64Global Exporters of Ch-64
65Headgear And Parts ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-65Global Importers of Ch-65
Global Export Shipments of Ch-65Global Exporters of Ch-65
66Umbrellas, Sun Umbrellas, Walking-Sticks, Seat-Sticks, Whips, Riding-Crops And Parts Thereof.Global Import Shipments of Ch-66Global Importers of Ch-66
Global Export Shipments of Ch-66Global Exporters of Ch-66
67Prepared Feathers And Down And Articles Made Of Feathers Or Of Down; Artificial Flowers; Articles Of Human HairGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-67Global Importers of Ch-67
Global Export Shipments of Ch-67Global Exporters of Ch-67
68Articles Of Stone, Plaster, Cement, Asbestos, Mica Or Similar MaterialsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-68Global Importers of Ch-68
Global Export Shipments of Ch-68Global Exporters of Ch-68
69Ceramic ProductsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-69Global Importers of Ch-69
Global Export Shipments of Ch-69Global Exporters of Ch-69
70Glass And GlasswareGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-70Global Importers of Ch-70
Global Export Shipments of Ch-70Global Exporters of Ch-70
71Natural Or Cultured Pearls, Precious Or Semi-Precious Stones, Precious Metals, Metals Clad With Precious Metal And Articles Thereof; Imitation Jewellery; CoinGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-71Global Importers of Ch-71
Global Export Shipments of Ch-71Global Exporters of Ch-71
72Iron And SteelGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-72Global Importers of Ch-72
Global Export Shipments of Ch-72Global Exporters of Ch-72
73Articles Of Iron Or SteelGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-73Global Importers of Ch-73
Global Export Shipments of Ch-73Global Exporters of Ch-73
74Copper And Articles ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-74Global Importers of Ch-74
Global Export Shipments of Ch-74Global Exporters of Ch-74
75Nickel And Articles ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-75Global Importers of Ch-75
Global Export Shipments of Ch-75Global Exporters of Ch-75
76Aluminium And Articles ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-76Global Importers of Ch-76
Global Export Shipments of Ch-76Global Exporters of Ch-76
77(Reserved For Possible Future Use)Global Import Shipments of Ch-77Global Importers of Ch-77
Global Export Shipments of Ch-77Global Exporters of Ch-77
78Lead And Articles ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-78Global Importers of Ch-78
Global Export Shipments of Ch-78Global Exporters of Ch-78
79Zinc And Articles ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-79Global Importers of Ch-79
Global Export Shipments of Ch-79Global Exporters of Ch-79
80Tin And Articles ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-80Global Importers of Ch-80
Global Export Shipments of Ch-80Global Exporters of Ch-80
81Other Base Metals; Cermets; Articles ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-81Global Importers of Ch-81
Global Export Shipments of Ch-81Global Exporters of Ch-81
82Tools, Implements, Cutlery, Spoons And Forks, Of Base Metal; Parts Thereof Of Base MetalGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-82Global Importers of Ch-82
Global Export Shipments of Ch-82Global Exporters of Ch-82
83Miscellaneous Articles Of Base MetalGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-83Global Importers of Ch-83
Global Export Shipments of Ch-83Global Exporters of Ch-83
84Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, Machinery And Mechanical Appliances; Parts ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-84Global Importers of Ch-84
Global Export Shipments of Ch-84Global Exporters of Ch-84
85Electrical Machinery And Equipment And Parts Thereof; Sound Recorders And Reproducers, Television Image And Sound Recorders And Reproducers, And Parts And Accessories Of Such ArticlesGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-85Global Importers of Ch-85
Global Export Shipments of Ch-85Global Exporters of Ch-85
86Railway Or Tramway Locomotives, Rolling-Stock And Parts Thereof; Railway Or Tramway Track Fixtures And Fittings And Parts Thereof; Mechanical (Including Electro-Mechanical) Traffic Signaling Equipment Of All KindsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-86Global Importers of Ch-86
Global Export Shipments of Ch-86Global Exporters of Ch-86
87Vehicles Other Than Railway Or Tramway Rolling-Stock, And Parts And Accessories ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-87Global Importers of Ch-87
Global Export Shipments of Ch-87Global Exporters of Ch-87
88Aircraft, Spacecraft, And Parts ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-88Global Importers of Ch-88
Global Export Shipments of Ch-88Global Exporters of Ch-88
89Ships, Boats And Floating StructuresGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-89Global Importers of Ch-89
Global Export Shipments of Ch-89Global Exporters of Ch-89
90Optical, Photographic, Cinematographic, Measuring, Checking, Precision, Medical Or Surgical Instruments And Apparatus; Parts And Accessories ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-90Global Importers of Ch-90
Global Export Shipments of Ch-90Global Exporters of Ch-90
91Clocks And Watches And Parts ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-91Global Importers of Ch-91
Global Export Shipments of Ch-91Global Exporters of Ch-91
92Musical Instruments; Parts And Accessories Of Such ArticlesGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-92Global Importers of Ch-92
Global Export Shipments of Ch-92Global Exporters of Ch-92
93Arms And Ammunition; Parts And Accessories ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-93Global Importers of Ch-93
Global Export Shipments of Ch-93Global Exporters of Ch-93
94Furniture; Bedding, Mattresses, Mattress Supports, Cushions And Similar Stuffed Furnishings; Lamps And Lighting Fittings, Not Elsewhere Specified Or Included; Illuminated Signs, Illuminated Name-Plates And The Like; Prefabricated BuildingsGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-94Global Importers of Ch-94
Global Export Shipments of Ch-94Global Exporters of Ch-94
95Toys, Games And Sports Requisites; Parts And Accessories ThereofGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-95Global Importers of Ch-95
Global Export Shipments of Ch-95Global Exporters of Ch-95
96Miscellaneous Manufactured ArticlesGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-96Global Importers of Ch-96
Global Export Shipments of Ch-96Global Exporters of Ch-96
97Works Of Art, Collectors' Pieces And AntiquesGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-97Global Importers of Ch-97
Global Export Shipments of Ch-97Global Exporters of Ch-97
98Project Imports, Laboratory Chemicals, Passenger'S Baggage, Personal Importation By Air Or Post; Ship StoresGlobal Import Shipments of Ch-98Global Importers of Ch-98
Global Export Shipments of Ch-98Global Exporters of Ch-98