Refund Policy

Our values define who we are. We work to achieve a single, simple purpose - to serve customers well. We want to be trusted, respected, valued and are committed to supreme level of honesty with our customers, suppliers and fellow employees.

All our online subscribers are entitled to a 100% refund guarantee within 5 days of your subscription if you find any inaccuracy in our export-import shipment data. No refund is available after 5 days.

Claiming Your Online Data Subscription Refund


You can easily cancel your subscription by visiting “My Account” section within 5 days of availing the subscription. A request for refund must be submitted via our ‘contact form’ along with a brief reason for claiming the refund. This would help us to understand where we could not meet your expectations and to improve our services based on your feedback.

We will initiate your refund within 48 working hours after your request if points consumed is 200 or less within 5 days of your subscription date.


  • The data is 100% Authentic and Accurate as reported by the Govt. Sources.
  • We capture 100% complete database as reported by the Govt. Sources.
  • Tradevision does not tamper with any of the information/figures in the database.
  • Data is not recycled by changing dates.


  • 100% coverage of all Records/ Shipments.
  • Absence of any specific information e.g. detailed product description, email, phone nos. etc.
  • Complete Names in full form, Addresses etc.
  • Errors in data due to the technical error in the Customs EDI systems or server.
  • All information about the Buyer-Seller profiles and contacts on the website is fetched through search engines and Third-party apps using the best possible algorithm. will not be liable for any refunds for any inaccuracy of such data for the aforementioned reasons.
  • The coverage of the database from different countries may vary from time to time as per the respective country’s laws and availability of the data. will not be liable for any refunds arising out of  non-availability of the data due to any matter beyond’s reasonable control. always strive to provide accurate, timely and error-free reports. However, since we depend on the Government sources to collect such database, we do not bear any responsibility for its correctness, completeness, changes in formats, timely availability, etc. No liability including, but not limited to refunds, is assumed towards readers/subscribers in event of any such issues.