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About TTV

About Us

With an extensive experience of more than 15 years, and our team of prominent statisticians, exporters and importers behind this one of its kind App, we are the most trusted information network globally for Exim Community, transforming billions of data points into meaningful insights.

Why are we the EXIM Data Experts

TTV - Growth Catalysts

Growth Catalysts

As an export import data Intelligence portal, the data experts at The Trade Vision analyze and process the raw data as per your needs and provide you with a very powerful data analysis that enables you to make accurate & timely decisions crucial for your business growth.

TTV - Smart Approach to Success

Smart Approach to Success

The Trade Vision ensures an innovative approach to information that enables you to make intelligent business decisions with utmost confidence. Our specialized services help your business navigate successfully and smoothly through the complexities of export and import trade.

TTV - Clients

Undisputed Goodwill in the industry

Over 20,000 clients worldwide have used our experience and expertise to succeed and prosper.

TTV Brand Purpose, Vision, Mission

TTV - Purpose


Our world is more connected now than ever before. Yet, what one is looking for may seem just out of reach. For we are often crowded by the Data, the information explosion that surrounds us. Data science often comes across as a puzzle instead of the tool we can make use of. The Trade Vision stands for making opportunities in the Trade World crystal clear for all our customers and partners, anytime/anywhere, at the click of their Wish. We wish Data delivers rich dividends for all without making it rocket science for any. We wish your Trade well at the click of your wish!

TTV - Vision


At The Trade Vision, we wish you make friends with Data. We ensure it is not intimidating. We make Data speak to you in your language, at your command. Data from over 180 countries that help your trade flourish. Now that is a lot of data to process, you may think. That is where TTV Genie enables ease of access and understanding. We deconstruct the world of data for you. So global trade becomes friendly numbers eying for your love and attention. So you can make better, smarter and quicker business decisions. We wish your trade well by employing innovative technologies and driven teams. And making sure you are always in the driver's seat, at just a click of your wish !

TTV - Mission


Our world has way too much Data. And Data doesn't mean much without timely, accurate and detailed analysis and reports. As data experts, we provide it to you at the click of your wish. Through our easy and detailed video tutorials, we handhold you as you navigate the waters of global trade. With uncommon insights that enable you to predict where the next patch of green lies. Because at TTV, we believe our customers don't need to be trained in Data Science to exploit it to expand and prosper. For we know it is our job to make your job easier. To make sure your business works for you, better. At the click of a button or the want of a Wish!

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