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Where flow the rivers of chocolate?

1 Nov, 2022

The shelves of a home fridge are incomplete without a dash of chocolate: be it in a bar, a cookie, an ice cream or a cake. Chocolate is considered a delicacy the world over. The smallest celebration and the largest gala alike is most often celebrated with chocolate. In a world divided by frontiers, languages, people, and politics, chocolate is the most understated unifier.

Besides being a treat for the palette, chocolate has several health benefits for the young and old. When consumed in moderation, chocolate(more specifically dark chocolate) helps improve heart health, balances the immune system, improves athletic performance, and has a host of other benefits. Though, mass marketing and cheap production has made chocolate a contributor to diabetes, obesity, and gum and mouth diseases, particularly in the young.

Where does chocolate come from?

Ancient mesoamericans(in present day Mexico) were the first to discover cacao and its variety of uses. They consumed chocolate as a ritualistic and medicinal drink. Though it was the Mayans and the Aztecs a little later who uplifted chocolate to the prominence it holds today. Sources suggest that cacao beans were even used as a currency. Chocolate reached Europe through a Spanish explorer and was welcomed immediately by the people.

Chocolate export analysis

The popularity of chocolate in Europe has achieved a frenzied pace through the years. Intrinsically warm and salubrious, chocolate helps the continent bear the worst of the winter. It works as an energizer and a relaxant. It is for this reason alone that a few European countries corner most chocolate production in the world, even though chocolate was first cultivated in South America. Besides these two regions, chocolate is also widely cultivated in West Africa.

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These are the top chocolate exporting countries in the world:

1. Germany ($4.98 billion)

2. Belgium ($2.7 billion)

3. Italy ($2.11 billion)

4. Poland ($2.03 billion)

5. Netherlands ($1.76 billion)

Chocolate import analysis

There is a major difference between the chocolate products of Europe and the chocolate products of the United States of America, the latter of which is the largest importer of chocolate. In North America, most products are commercialized to no end. They are sweetened, mixed with dairy and other additives that make them marketable but extremely unhealthy. Due to the global influence of the American markets, these are the products that are sold most popularly worldwide. Though in Europe, chocolate is served unsweetened and the most common form is dark chocolate, which is also the healthiest.

These are the top chocolate importing countries in the world:

1. United States ($2.9 billion)

2. United Kingdom ($2.31 billion)

3. Germany ($2.24 billion)

4. France ($2.2 billion)

5. Netherlands ($1.38 billion)

Where’s in store for chocolate traders?

As we move towards being healthier in the post-pandemic world, less sugary chocolate and finer derivatives are set to be more in demand. We must take European chocolate producers seriously and watch out for healthy developments in the American food market.