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Computers: Free Import-Export data and market overview

3 Apr, 2023

Computers are a great signifier of human achievement’s defining characteristics. That being said, it could never have been made by a lone individual. Older generations might look at a computer with some hostility, having witnessed them seemingly take over every aspect of our existence within their lifetime.

And taken over, they have. Our smartphones, laptops, PCs, servers, and supercomputers are all computers. We will focus on the market of laptops, personal computers, their different parts, and components in this article. The computer import export data, suggests that the personal computer market is worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Read till the end to find the biggest opportunities for your business.

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Computers have a very long and detailed history that started in an unexpected place, the abacus. Essentially, computers are data processing units, and the abacus was just that. It allowed people to calculate things that they could never before just using their heads or pen & paper.

The very first computers were made to be calculators. Slowly but surely, we introduced the binary system of ones and zeros to do “computing”. The modern-day home computer is the descendent of the Macintosh by Apple. This descendant is what we focus on in this article.

Export analysis

About 80% of all the major computer companies are originating in the US. It’s by far the single biggest technological hub of the modern-day world. Looking at the computer export data we can see names like HP, Nvidia, and Intel. Most of these American companies set up factories in places with cheap unskilled labor to cut costs.

The biggest of which are China and Mexico. China has used this to its advantage, however. They have strategically imported America’s cutting-edge technology over the past 30 years. Today, China has its fair share of companies and enjoys the biggest market share for production.

Top exporting countries (2020)

  1. China ($156 billion)
  2. Mexico ($31.5 billion)
  3. United States ($16.6 billion)
  4. Netherlands ($13.7 billion)
  5. Germany ($12.2 billion)

Import analysis

Take a look at the USA’s computer import data. Components being built across the world are imported to be assembled by people for their personal use. Whether it's for video games, YouTube, marketing, education, or business, the first world needs a ton of computers. These are all growing industries but are already mainstream in the countries listed below.

Top importing countries (2020)

  1. United States ($92.4 billion)
  2. Germany ($22.2 billion)
  3. Hong Kong ($16.9 billion)
  4. Netherlands ($14.7 billion)
  5. Japan ($14.5 billion)

What to expect

The computer industry is exponentially growing every day with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Whether it's in the private or professional realm, we are increasingly becoming dependent on computers for all our needs. Considering how massive the industry already is, traders need to keep up to date on all the latest information.

Importers and exporters need to understand the global as well as their local markets to find opportunities in personal computing. Currently, the vast majority of industry leaders like Apple and Microsoft are based in America. While some Asian countries are also starting to develop their production. Like Samsung in South Korea, and Lenovo in China.

Developing countries around the world have started to compete with these global powerhouses.