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China Import Export Data and Analysis

Geopolitics aside, China stands as a true model of economic growth among the modern superpowers. Compare any other country or region of the world, and China always comes out on top. This extends from its manufacturing industry, without an equal anywhere, or its exemplary import-export numbers. China, though at political odds with the United States of America, has constantly exceeded expectations and is described as a premier model of economic growth. From a GDP of a little under $150 billion in 1978, China has now become a nation with a GDP of $14.72 trillion, averaging 10% growth rate for 30 consecutive years. The nation has achieved the most economies of scale, the highest per capita output, and governmental action to make rapid industrial growth possible.

China’s economy is built upon its export largesse. It is said that about one in three of the world’s consumer products is manufactured in China. Rightfully, the nation is referred to as the manufacturing hub of the world. But the economy's import-export prowess hasn’t come without a cost. The Chinese Communist government has been accused of loan sharking, promoting military standoffs and propagating human rights violations. Recent stringent lockdowns have presented a further challenge. However, China’s rapid growth is a model for all developing and least developed nations to follow. Create jobs. Give tax breaks. Promote industry, social services and foreign investment.

China Export Analysis

China has seamlessly become the manufacturer of almost every consumer product available around the world. From humble beginnings, China has become a superpower and affects almost every trader, businessperson and consumer in the world. Reach out to the Trade Vision to understand the true trade dynamics of China’s import export data, economic activity, and market intelligence reports. With vast import export data centres spread all over China, The Trade Vision brings you the latest China Export Data at the tips of your fingers. The primary focus is to understand the new trends. Your business thrives when you know the latest happenings before anyone else.

The Chinese economy presents the best opportunity to IT and tech players. Even though Covid-related disruptions have caused major players to diversify production to other South-East Asian countries, China still remains the most reliable supplier of semi-conductors.

China’s Leading Export Countries
1.     United States ($438 billion)
2.    Hong Kong ($262 billion)
3.    Japan ($151 billion)
4.    Germany ($112 billion)
5.    South Korea ($110 billion)

China’s Primary Export Commodities
1.    Broadcasting Equipment ($223 billion)
2.    Computers ($156 billion)
3.    Integrated Circuits ($120 billion)
4.    Office Machine Parts ($86.8 billion)
5.    Cloth Articles ($60.7 billion)

China Import Data

When the export economy booms, the consumer economy rises too. As income has steadily risen in the nation of China, so has the proliferation of consumer-friendly goods and services, This is why establishments catering to the young, online marketplaces and medical industries are the fastest growing in China. Foreign real estate firms are also constantly looking to make the most of the Chinese development story. The Trade Vision is your one-stop solution to sell your products in China. Gain access to this free version of China’s Import Data.  

China’s Leading Import Countries
1.    Japan ($133 billion)
2.    South Korea ($131 billion)
3.    United States ($122 billion)
4.    Germany ($106 billion)
5.    Chinese Taipei ($104 billion)

China’s Primary Import Commodities-
1.    Crude Petroleum ($150 billion)
2.    Integrated Circuits ($144 billion)
3.    Iron Ore ($99 billion)
4.    Cars ($42 billion)
5.    Soybeans ($37.4 billion)

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