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Mobile Phones: a Downturn for The Necessary Luxury

27 Oct, 2022

A piece of technology is subject to controversy in proportion to its prevalence. It is hard to find a more common controversy than the cell phone. As social animals, we depend on each other for everything. Cell phones were invented to make that process easier. They improved the channels of communication that existed before. Today, people organize all their activities via mobile phones. Yet the narrative around them is a mixed bag.


On one hand, they are clocks, navigational devices, and our personal assistants. On the other, they are associated with addiction, alienation, and mental illnesses. Double-edged swords must be used carefully especially when they become necessary. But for cell phone importers and exporters, the air is optimistic with opportunity. As the device’s use spreads to the farthest corners of the world, Cellphone import export data shall provide invaluable opportunities to traders.


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Mobile phone history

Certain milestones in technology have led to the modern mobile phone. They were first envisioned in the early stages of radio engineering. After the Second World War, radio technology was further developed into 0G. 0G comprised of two rather inefficient and expensive systems that failed to become feasible. From there came the car phone and onwards to the first handheld mobile made by Motorola. This was followed by the internet, 1G, 2G, 3G, and the smartphone by Apple. This common household sophisticated gadget is the result of decades of different technologies and infrastructure building upon each other.

Mobile Phone export analysis

 The cell phone export data indicates that in 2020 more than 80% of the commodity’s exports were from Asia. China has been widely regarded as the factory of the world in the 2000s. Many new contenders are currently rising in export of cell phones. As a first, India exceeded $1 billion worth of mobile phone exports this year in the month of September. The development of 5G infrastructure is ushering the market’s growth in many countries including India.

Top export countries (2020)

  1. China ($51 billion)
  2. Vietnam ($21.4 billion)
  3. South Korea ($12.9 billion)
  4. Mexico ($11.6 billion)
  5. Hong Kong ($4.58 billion)

Mobile Phone import analysis

China has the biggest cellphone market accounting for the highest cellphone imports. This is due to the large population of all and its massive manufacturing sector that imports mobile components. The same could be said for Hong Kong which is a business hub. Vietnam is also a big manufacturer that has grown immensely after 2020.

Top import countries (2020)

  1. China ($19.6 billion)
  2. Hong Kong ($18.2 billion)
  3. Vietnam ($16.5 billion)
  4. United States ($12.9 billion)
  5. Mexico ($7.89 billion)

Mobile Phones: What’s next?

Industry leader Apple is decreasing the production of its latest iPhone 14 Plus due to a lack of demand. This is due to decreased demand for high-value consumer goods all over the world. Many experts suggest that this trend will likely continue over the next 6 to 9 months. Though there is an expectation of a temporary spike during the holiday season. Sales have already increased in India during the Diwali festival after 2 years of lull festivities due to lockdowns. Some Asian countries like Vietnam prepare for this expected lull in the high-value consumer goods market. The slowing down of the global economy and the expectation of a recession might have also contributed to these conditions.


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