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Expand Your Import Export Operations to Paraguay

1 Aug, 2022

Paraguay in South America is geographically squeezed between larger neighbors such as Brazil and Argentina. Without access to much capital investment or a major seaport, Paraguay turned to its natural gifts to make the most of its economic situation. Blessed with a wide network of rivers, Paraguay’s inland ports handle almost all of its soy exports. Being fertile, owing to the rivers again, Paraguay is a leading exporter of soy and other agricultural products.

Paraguay produces most of its energy using, unsurprisingly, its rivers. The nation leads global per capita clean energy production as close to 99% of its power comes from hydroelectricity. 90% of this energy is exported to neighboring Argentina and Brazil. Paraguay is the fifth-largest exporter of energy in the world and the second largest net exporter.  

Rio Paraguai, Paraná, and Pilcomayo are Paraguay’s major rivers.

Paraguay Export Analysis

Besides hydroelectricity and soy, Paraguay is one of the top exporters of organic sugar, and also has a strong cement-producing sector. Reach out to The Trade Vision for a detailed analysis of Paraguay’s export numbers, trends, and emerging market opportunities. We have helped thousands of businesses expand their operations to new lands with our market intelligence reports.

Its over-dependence on agriculture has made Paraguay one of the poorest countries in South America. Furthermore, stagnated industrial development has kept wealth limited in the hands of a few individuals. The government must look to secure foreign investment to boost its economy. More investment must be made in the textile sector, where tax breaks and other benefits are already in place.

Top Export Commodities   
1. Soya beans ($2.15 billion)
2. Electricity ($1.73 billion)
3. Oil-cake ($684 million)
4. Meat of bovine animals; frozen ($592 million)
5. Meat of bovine animals; fresh or chilled ($527 million)

Top Export Countries
1. Brazil ($3.02 billion)
2. Argentina ($2.13 billion)
3. Chile ($773 million)
4. Russia ($487 million)
5. United States ($180 million)

Paraguay Import Analysis

Consisting of swamplands, waterfalls, national parks, and more, Paraguay is a land of impeccable natural beauty. Therefore, tourism plays a big role in the nation’s economy. Most imports to the country are meant for building or shoring up basic services such as communications, transportation, and infrastructural development.  

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Top Import Commodities
1. Transmission apparatus ($1.41 billion)
2. Petroleum oils ($967 million)
3. Motor cars ($352 million)
4. Insecticides ($343 million)
5. Fertilizers ($195 million)

Top Import Countries
1. China ($2.81 billion)
2. Brazil ($2.19 billion)
3. United States ($1.04 billion)
4. Argentina ($875 million)
5. Chile ($367 million)

Paraguay: What the future holds

Through structural reforms, low external debt, and stable inflation, the government has kept the nation of Paraguay stable in the past years. But the pandemic pushed back the poverty reduction efforts. With a drought this year and high inflation due to global fuel and food prices, 2024 looks likely to be the year when Paraguay returns to pre-pandemic poverty levels.

Economic opportunities in Paraguay will excite investors looking to enter a trade-friendly economy that can deliver high growth in the future. Expand your business operations to Paraguay with assistance from The Trade Vision.  

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