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Unveiling the Global Coffee Export Market: Insights and Trends

Coffee is a popular beverage across the world, with a market that reaches revenues of US$88.3bn in 2023. The global coffee market is expected to grow annually by 4.61% (CAGR 2023-2028). In terms of global revenue, the United States is a major player as this country alone will account for approximately US$11,000m of total sales in 2023. When comparing these figures to the global population, it can be estimated that each person will generation an average of US$11.50 in revenue this year from coffee consumption. Furthermore, Global production of Coffee is expected to reach 6.8bn kg by 2028 with most of it being exported abroad according to industry reports.

The global demand for coffee is increasing and its consumption seems universal worldwide which explains why its popularity has reached such heights as well as its growing economic value globally. As this increase in demand continues, farmers across the developing countries are increasingly devoting more land and resources towards cultivating better quality coffee beans for larger markets while at the same time aiming to improve their overall harvesting procedures However at present there remain important supply chain gaps and efficiency issues that need to be addressed providing an opportunity.

2022 Coffee Export Trends

The global coffee export industry has seen extraordinary growth over the past five years. The year 2022 marked a tremendous success on the international stage, as coffee exports amounted to an astonishing $46.3 billion. This impressive 51.7% surge in export value since 2017 is indicative of consistently rising demand for an increasingly wide variety of coffee products from all around the world.

The success of the industry’s trade growth can be attributed to multiple factors, with one being the undeniable and ever-growing love affair between customers and their morning cup of joe. Indeed, coffee has become a beloved beverage that transcends cultures and geography — it pairs well with breakfast but acts also as a catalyst to economic progress. It is without doubt that if coffee continues its meteoric rise in terms of popularity and demand, then it will remain at the very top of world exports for years to come.

Top Coffee Exporting Companies

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular commodities, yet ironically, the countries producing and exporting it often receive little benefit from their efforts. This is largely due to a large portion of profits going to supply chain middlemen and big roaster conglomerates. Nonetheless, there are still many coffee exporting companies which operate in producer countries through joint ventures with local middlemen.

Barbera Coffee Company: Barbera Coffee Company located in Italy. Founded by Antonio Barbera over 100 years ago, this family-run coffee business has grown to become one of Europe’s leading coffee exporters, as well as a top supplier of green beans for speciality markets.
Coffee Cabana Brazil: Coffee Cabana Brazil located in Brazil. It offers a wide range of specialty coffees cultivated and produced in its own farmlands alongside select partners across the country. These two companies represent just a few examples of numerous coffee trading companies providing quality green coffee beans at competitive prices while also helping to support their local communities.


The global coffee export market is a vital part of the global economy, and it is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Businesses and policymakers that understand the key trends and insights shaping the market will be well-positioned to benefit from this growth.